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As we are now privvy to ironass the slug, I shall now inform you that there is now Philz 5.14.6 and also 5.14.7 available.

- remove redundant check for /data/media before custom format of sdcard + merge to cm-10.1
- fix compression value would stuck to "fast" and could actually cause an unexpected very high compression level + merge to cm-10.1
- when key repeat is disabled: fix reboot when turning on screen after it was auto-blanked + merge to cm-10.1
- when key repeat is disabled: fix dim screen will not occur and only blank screen event was triggered + merge to cm-10.1
- fix dim/blank screen issues after reboot timer was reached and USB cable was connected + merge to cm-10.1
- fix various bugs with key pthread lock/unlock (ui_wait_key() and ui_wait_key_with_repeat()) + merge to cm-10.1
- after screen is turned on, next touch event will now be considered (remove ignore_key_action after screen was blanked) + merge to cm-10.1
- more stable blank screen gesture actions (mainly on long press and move gesture) + merge to cm-10.1
This version adds a lot of fixes to touch events handling, key repeat, blank/dim screen timers...

- fix slow touch response when key repeat is disabled

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