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Originally Posted by Sydney99 View Post
Might as well call it an iGalaxy...
Now your goading me Syd

I know someone who is a network engineer. He installs a companies network in a new office, trouble shots and moves on. He loves Apple, but not in a blind way. He loves how everything Apple "just works", the inherent problems of getting say a BlackBerry to talk to a IBM server and on to a Windows terminal are just not there. He loves the "Walled Garden", where once he hated the "closedness" of them.

I feel this is the way it is all heading, where money is to be had "openness" and the like can go hang. The internet is in continuous danger of being chopped up by the ISPs who would love to be able to supply access with "options" like cable TV. There's not much we can really do except rant, and wring our collective hands. Just be aware of it, and don't walk into a future ignorant. Knowledge is power.
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