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Originally Posted by twospirits View Post
The reason I say I'll believe it when i see it is because the source states a store rep gave the date after a Samsung guy came in to show off the device.
Now it could be true about the date, but i always felt it would be in mid Oct.

Now if it is the 2nd, that only leaves 1 week left for a preorder to start, which gives the shipper about a week to send the phones out to people before the date of Oct 2. Or Sprint does no pre-order and just starts selling the phone on that date.
As for the iPhone, my theory is that they would want to postpone any device that might limit them selling as many iphones as possible. Remember they do have to sell so many iphones as per that past agreement.

Yup. That was my thought also, regarding the iPhone. I wouldn't be surprised if Sprint went with no pre-order on the Note 3 because they didn't really have a pre-order on the Note 2 either. At the same time, that was still 1st year offering the Note series, so that might have been due to their not knowing how popular it would be (kinda like the EVO) and then all of a sudden, found themselves trying to re-fill stock.
Love the G-Note series!
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