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ive been an htc user since 2001. Loyal to a fault.

i too have had all flavors of the evo series; each phone a lunch day device. one or two i received free by being a beta tester (the good old days).

prior to that i had their pocket pc phones (i still kinda miss that big juicy physical keyboard).

ive not had any physical issues with any phone from them...AT ALL. this is MY experience and as always YMMV..

i understand your frustrations, and I would be disappointed if I had 3 phones whose build quality was not up to snuff, however, and with all due respect, coming here to complain is only at best an avenue to vent. going direct to the source and complaining is the only way to get your voice heard.

strength is in numbers, so if more people have these issues and send in tickets to htc and/or return their devices if they are not up to snuff, this could only help htc and eventually their customers down the road.

I appreciate your honesty and sharing your experience with the class.

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