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Here's a great review...

...from the standpoint that it references the Ultra, whose review appeared first, yet it still reads as a complete review and fairly treats the Maxx as a stand-alone device.

If I read this review before checking out the Maxx in person, I'd think Verizon was showing me the wrong phone, expecting a brick (and not a device a scant 0.04" thicker that an iPhone 5S on this holiest of holy days).

They rave about the gorgeous screen, but slap it down only on its 720p spec. Tsk tsk. At least they give mention to the RGB subpixel arrangement.

Thankfully they -don't- pull this treatment with the CPU, and instead point out that the Maxx downsampled a test video faster than the blazing fast LG G2.

Interesting battery test, too.
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