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Originally Posted by xcore777 View Post
How do I update all the apps on my phone?
Open the app called "Play Store." Hit the menu button (the left button next to your physical home key), press "My Apps" and any that will need updated will appear on the list. Any that don't need updated will appear underneath it.

How do I disable that crazy noise that appears all the time while doing specific things?
Which crazy noise???

How do I disable vibrations on everything but SMS and phone calls?
Settings/MyDevice/Language and Input... go to the settings for the keyboard you are using and turn off haptic feedback and/or vibrate on keypress

Also go to Settings/MyDevice/Sound... turn off Haptic feedback... adjust other vibration settings as desired.

Additionally, you can usually adjust settings for individual apps from the menu within said app.

How do I sign out of YouTube without signing out in my other Google apps?
Open YouTube and press Menu/Sign Out

Should I use an Antivirus and which one? (I don't do any "dangerous" things and I don't click on everything that pops up btw)
Eh... I don't use one. Though Lookout comes bundled on the phone and typically gets great reviews.

How do I make that eye scrolling and hand thing working?
Settings/My Devices... scroll to stuff on the bottom and turn it on.

Can I buy apps without a credit card? (like the iTunes cards for example)
Yes... gift cards for the Play Store are available through most major retailers (Target, Walmart, etc).

What are the alternatives for the fallowing apps that I used on my iPhone: iBooks, iWork (Keynote, Numbers, Pages), iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand), GoodReader, Star Walk, Solar Walk, Sky Guide, Exoplanet.
Can't help you there... it's been 4 years since I've used iOS...

Welcome to AF btw!
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