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I was in my local corp sprint store today and yesterday since the one up program officially broke..I intended on waiting for the note 3 and the one up program became a dream come true for me at the right moment.. long story short I left the corporate sprint store yesterday with it in my mind I'm waiting for the note 3.

Well after standing there debating back and forth for quite some time with the s4 and note 2 the sprint rep and I started talking a little then I left. I went back today and she dropped a few hints my way such as she's jealous of her manager because she recieved word that her note is already on the way which I know carriers do want their employees to have the latest and greatest devices prior that's how all carriers in the states usually do things. Then she had mentioned how I really need to wait for the note 3 if I'm that die hard like she is...and she absolutely insisted its coming in the next few weeks as in early october(her words not mine) and she also even showed me a memo which they recieved this morning that states unless instructed otherwise sprint pre orders will start this coming monday.. no I'm not blowing smoke this all truly happened and I hope its true because once the note 3 is out on sprint day one I'm getting it through the new 1 up program and I'm trading in my s3 since I'm normally not even able to upgrade until march

Also its gotta have some truth behind it because t mobile launched their pre orders what two days ago and there expected ship date for those is oct 1 and there release date is oct 2nd so sprint shouldnt be to far behind so lets hope we will all have a leather beautified note 3 in our hands real soon shall we? :-) ;-)

Ps samsung stated their release is September 25.
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