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I own both the Note 1/Note 2 and purchased them because I loved the idea of having such a fantastic large screen.

The S-pen didn't really interest me until I had my Note in my hand.... That's when I came to love the concept of the S-pen.

My problem was I didn't like how it felt in the hand, it was too skinny and uncomfortable to hold. I purchased the S-pen Holder Kit to overcome this issue, it is basically a proper pen with a removable S-pen inside and I love using it on my Notes.

I don't use it all the time but I love what the pen can do and in the winter it's a godsend. I see the Note range as a having my cake and eating it situation . It has the large screen, its fast and you have the added bonus of the pen function. What more can a person want?

If you haven't already, search on youtube for the 'Daily Note' its has over 100 videos giving full details of what can be done on the Notes.

I appreciate that people may not use all the functions but aren't we lucky knowing that they are there if we suddenly need to use them

I think there are a lot of Note users who still don't know what the S-pen is capable of which is a shame.
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