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Originally Posted by BobF View Post
I agree! I was up at all hours trying to stay up with all the posts on the forthcoming Galaxy Nexus. While I'm really looking forward to my pre-ordered Note 3 (which will replace my GNex), the activity here is just a fraction of that of the Galaxy Nexus. As promising as the Note 3 is, I'm surprised there isn't more activity.

Compared to the nexus forum, this one was like a ghost town, but I'm happy to see it picking up as we get closer.

While my excitement for the nexus was intense and based on the thrill of the unknown (I owed many androids prior, just not a vanilla one) this phone has me a different kind of excited. Knowing how great the 2 is, knowing that if the 3 wasn't coming out I'd be fine continuing on with the 2, I'm excited to get a supercharged version of a phone I deemed the best I've ever had.

This is similar to what's going to happen this November. I've already got the Xbox One on pre-order and can't wait. The 360 is phenomenal, so I'm pumped for the One. While the excitement of the unknown can be intense, the excitement of security and already knowing you're going to love it is pretty awesome too.
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