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Originally Posted by Jahmiel View Post
Could someone please help me out? I got my HTC one 2 days ago and I've been having some issues with it. I'm pretty tech savvy, but I had an iPhone 4 before and I've never had an android till now. I'm running the latest os, not sure what it's called. And I'm on the apex launcher which I suck at customizing. So my problem are:

1. There's no advanced settings! On my friends androids, they all have a ton of settings they can change but I can't even seem to change the display timeout! I don't want to clutter the phone with plug-ins or apps to change some settings so if there was a nice universal app that someone could show me that would be great.
Not sure how to help with this one. Would need to know what exactly you are trying to change. Everything should show up by clicking on Settings, then scrolling down until you find what you are looking for. Sometimes people can't tell that they can scroll. Just drag your finger up when you are on the settings screen. The screen timeout is found under Display and is called Sleep. When I say Settings, I'm talking about the icon in the app list called Settings. Not sure how you may have been getting to settings before. May also be that you were going into the settings for Apex, not the phone itself. Apex is just a launcher, it doesn't have anything to do with the OS itself.

2. The volume is way too loud. Even on the lowest level, my parents can still hear it from the next room at night. Is there a way to make it go below the standard settings?
I know you said you were on the latest version, but you might check to make sure. I know there was an update pushed out that lowered the overall volume, because it was loud enough to damage the speakers. I never had a problem with it, but I saw a lot of discussions of it. If that isn't the case, then I'm not sure how to fix that for you. I suppose you could install a 3rd party app, like Equalizer or something.

3. My battery does ridiculously fast. I'll charge it over night and I'll get maybe 4-5 hours of moderate/somewhat heavy use... And it also charges pretty slow. I downloaded the snapdragon battery manager like half an hour ago so I'll see how that turns out.
Make sure the Brightness on your screen is not set to 100%. It will suck the battery down like nobody's business. I turn on the Power Saver function (swipe down from the notification bar, and you should see an option for PowerSaver either off or on.) If you turn PowerSaver on, even if the display is at 100%, it isn't REALLY at 100%. It is noticeably dimmer. Should help with battery life. Beyond that, we would need to look a lot more into your phone and what apps you have, and how you use it, and what kind of signal you get (lower signal means your phone will use more power, at least on 3G, not sure about 4G)

3. I'm trying to add blinkfeed to apex but I can't find it under the widgets! Also when I go to the widgets under my setting it just takes me to the apex home screen!
As far as I know, you can't do that. HTC Widgets only work if you are using Sense for the launcher. If you put something like Apex or Nova launcher on there, you can't use any of the HTC specific widgets, which includes Blinkfeed. The most common solution I have heard from people is to use FlipBoard as a replacement for Blinkfeed. Pretty sure it is free in the Google Play store.

If anyone could help with any of the problems that would be awesome, thanks.
Not sure how HELPFUL I was, but I tried.
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