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Originally Posted by HanSolo View Post
I would love to feel the same way, Chief. But I know Verizon too well.

I feel a major pooch-screw, with us as the unwilling-but-taking-it victims.

Remember. It's Verizon.
Remember that show "The Facts of Life" ? The theme song had the catchy phrase...

You take the good, the take the bad, and there you have the facts of life...

VzW does have the best 3G/4G network. Its engineered to the T. But with that comes a price. Higher service costs, more conservative in handset deployment. Consistent customer experience is more important to them than other carriers. Maybe the N3 is a week later who knows. But you can bet the N3 on VzW will be more more solid than on ANY other network.

And not that it matters, but working for a telecom infrastructure company that is 50% of the Vzw network, I can say I've not put in bug fixes for any specific handsets recently, save for Apple.
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