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yeah i had to do an extensive Google search to disable apport (the Ubuntu equivilant to Windows Problem Reports/Solutions) and Update Manager (same thing as Windows Update) and landed on many forums where they just say 'don't do that, it's for your own good'. no..

Yeah, in Ubuntu 12.04 it does initiate an auto reboot if it's an extensive update of something. unfortunately, if you're in the middle of a movie, you won't see the little pop-up saying it's going to reboot in 9, 8, 7,6....the dialog is a lot like the shutdown dialog if you tap the power button. it waits a few seconds offering a 'cancel' option but only if you see the thing.

Apport tried to come up once saying Chrome has crashed when in reality it was just a bit slower than normal (and it was still running and responding a bit in the background). eventually apport would not go away and then i got stuck with a circle waiting cursor (i suppose ubuntu's take on the Mac OS spinning beachball of death?) and had to force reboot it.

just a little over an hour ago, just before i posted the first comment about it, update manager decided to rear its ugly head and try updating software without asking me and i was in the middle of watching a youtube video, and had four other tabs open. it froze again. i hate automatic anything. why is this enabled default? people who use Linux don't need their hand held as in Windows!
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