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Where, oh where, should I start?!

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
yeah i had to do an extensive Google search to disable apport (the Ubuntu equivilant to Windows Problem Reports/Solutions) and Update Manager (same thing as Windows Update) and landed on many forums where they just say 'don't do that, it's for your own good'.
That's because a lot of window$ converts are known to use *buntu variants, and the self-appointed *buntu know-it-alls think the converts need that kind of hand holding. Have you ever heard me mention how I used to get admonished on Ubuntu forums that even TALKING about enabling root logins was a big no-no? Ha!

Quote: no..

Yeah, in Ubuntu 12.04 it does initiate an auto reboot if it's an extensive update of something.
No, it doesn't. Not on *MY* 12.04. Check those settings...

unfortunately, if you're in the middle of a movie, you won't see the little pop-up saying it's going to reboot in 9, 8, 7,6....the dialog is a lot like the shutdown dialog if you tap the power button.
That's not how my reboots work. Because I don't want them to. When I say restart I mean NOW!! Settings, Nick, settings.

it waits a few seconds offering a 'cancel' option but only if you see the thing.

Apport tried to come up once saying Chrome has crashed when in reality it was just a bit slower than normal (and it was still running and responding a bit in the background). eventually apport would not go away and then i got stuck with a circle waiting cursor (i suppose ubuntu's take on the Mac OS spinning beachball of death?) and had to force reboot it.
Never seen it...

just a little over an hour ago, just before i posted the first comment about it, update manager decided to rear its ugly head and try updating software without asking me and i was in the middle of watching a youtube video, and had four other tabs open. it froze again. i hate automatic anything. why is this enabled default? people who use Linux don't need their hand held as in Windows!

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