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i have already disabled the crap. but it took terminal hacks. have you seen 'settings' in Unity? there are none. only dumbed down stuff like desktop background, power, users, think Windows control panel without classic icon view.

Disabling apport:

sudo service apport stop

then there's some command involving gedit to disable it permenantly

as for Update Manager, i needed to actually run that app and turn it off.

now i just got the Google Chrome problem where i need to disable the stupid 'page(s) unresponsive' garbage that forces chrome to kill two or more of my open tabs forcing me to reload them again. i am not sure about you guys/gals but i'm even more annoyed at Google's attempt at humor lately (i hated Aw, Snap! and i hate He's Dead, jim!' even more.) i'll close tabs when i feel like it. any about:config/dev mode options in Chrome?
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