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Originally Posted by NJRonbo View Post

Quick question about using widgets with Widget Locker...

How do you know which notification widgets are available for that app?

Are they extensions that you find through the app itself or do I just search for Widget Locker widgets on Google Play?
All of the widget notifications I have on my phone, can be placed on the homescreen. The only ones that I don't think are available are the touchwiz widgets (which I never use anyway). I just prefer not having visible messages on my lockscreen, but for example, I use Android Pro Widgets on my homescreens and all of those widgets show up as available to put on the lockscreen.

Setup is so easy on widgetlocker. Once you've downloaded the app and enable widgetlocker, it'll show the lockscreen in "customization" mode, where you can edit the lockscreen how you want (much like the homescreens on any 3rd party launcher or even stock UI). Once you've set all your customizations, you just exit out of widgetlocker, lock the phone, and when you bring the phone out of standby, the "edit" mode goes away and it functions exactly as a lockscreen should with widgets that you can set to interact with or not interact with.

Prior to my purchasing Widgetlocker 2 years ago, I was really hesitant and wasn't sure it was worth the money (and it was already pretty intimidating with all the customizations that were available). After biting the bullet and purchasing, even though I do like how Samsung handles their lockscreen, I find myself always loading Widgetlocker back up, as well as restoring my settings (Forgot to mention also, it allows you to "backup" all your settings, so you can just move that backup file/folder over to your new phone and once you've installed widgetlocker again, you can restore most of your settings...with exception to some widgets that might need to be reset).

Here's the link for Android Pro Widgets. It's my #1 Widget app, for widgets I use on my homescreen, but as I mentioned...they can still be used on the Widgetlocker homescreen. What's great is that you can set the widgets so that they are scrollable (e.g. scrolling agenda/calendar, scrolling text messages, scrolling facebook/twitter/both, scrolling bookmarks).

There's another app called Colorize Widget that's no longer available in the playstore, but worked decently as well. I just prefered Android Pro Widgets.

For email, it's not a widget I use, but there are some out there that are really popular. I just can't recall what they're called.
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