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Originally Posted by NJRonbo View Post

You have been incredibly helpful to me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to post all that information.

Best to you!
No problem. Quite honestly, I know it's a subject that's been discussed a ton of times, but like me, it was intimidating reading through pages and pages of information, but still not being convinced it was worth paying for. Ultimately, my decision to buy was just based on overall feel for what it seemed to be able to do.

And the backup/restore function, as long as you save the file backup from your internal storage to an external hardrive, is truly the biggest time saver. Instead of my having to fuss with an OEM's "new" features on their "new" lockscreen UI, I just load up widgetlocker, put the files I backed up form my old phone onto the new phone, go into settings for widgetlocker and click on restore. I only have to re-set the widgets (from other apps), but everything else (that is built into widgetlocker) restores perfectly (without any hassle). It even restores the settings created for time out, lockscreen sound, etc. (of course, all of the sounds would need to be moved over to the phone already for it to work properly).
Love the G-Note series!
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