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Originally Posted by HanSolo View Post
If you are streaming an hd video, does it lag or pause a lot?

Also, have you tried third party hotspot apps for tethering unlimited?

I'm grandfathered into Verizon unlimited, which I will probably never give up if I don't have to, but I'm so sick of Verizon's stupidity so I'm just curious.
If you are grandfathered into Verizon, I wouldn't consider switching yet. Sprint still has a long way to go until network vision (their update plan for 3g and lte) that I'm pretty much anticipating no changes in reliability and speed until 2015 at the earliest. If it's faster than that, great, but I'm not holding my breathe.

Only reason I'd switch, if I were in your shoes, is if savings is so significant and Sprint coverage in your most frequented areas is just as good.

And I've been with Sprint since 2000, so I'm definitely not a sprint hater, just realistic.

3rd party hotspot apps like foxfi are blocked using wifi. You'd need to root or use bluetooth tether

In good coverage stream is fine. Only when otg there might be lag
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