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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
i have already disabled the crap. but it took terminal hacks.

have you seen 'settings' in Unity?
Not lately. I don't do Unity. KDE all the way for me.

there are none. only dumbed down stuff like desktop background, power, users, think Windows control panel without classic icon view.
My [unhappy] memories of dealing with window$ have faded enough that I have no idea what that would look like.

Disabling apport:

sudo service apport stop

then there's some command involving gedit to disable it permenantly
Just FYI, it's not that it required gEdit, it required a text editor. Any editor, including mine of choice, vi, would accomplish this.

as for Update Manager, i needed to actually run that app and turn it off.

now i just got the Google Chrome problem where i need to disable the stupid 'page(s) unresponsive' garbage that forces chrome to kill two or more of my open tabs forcing me to reload them again. i am not sure about you guys/gals but i'm even more annoyed at Google's attempt at humor lately (i hated Aw, Snap! and i hate He's Dead, jim!' even more.) i'll close tabs when i feel like it. any about:config/dev mode options in Chrome?
In general, I've literally never seen any of the issues you've described. I don't know what it is about your luck, but good grief. My *nix just works the way I want, as do my browsers. So I don't know...
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