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Originally Posted by Bratone View Post
Hey, the cost isn't an issue right now because I can afford any of these phones, I only said that I can't afford to buy a phone this expensive every two years or so.

Can you please make a list of pros and cons for your HTC One ? Is the non-removable battery an issue for you, or the fact that it doesn't have a slot for the memory card?
I want to know how good this device really is from an actual owner, please take your time.

The fact is, talking about the Note 3 Ram and Processing power, I'm not a business man or something like that, I will soon start my first year at the Engineering University, so I don't know if I will use the Note 3 at his real power.But being a future engineer makes me think that I could use the S-Pen at the University, I'm not sure at what though, but it looks pretty handy.

Basically, I will use the phone for applications, games, browsing, facebook, twitter, youtube etc. and that's why I'm not sure I will use all the power the Note 3 has, maybe just the S-Pen who really excites me.

And if you have time, can you please tell me why you will buy a Note 3 ? Thanks a lot.
The Note series actually seems to hold very good value, even after a full year. I purchased the Note 2 last year and it's still going to get me $250 from Best Buy (could possibly be more if I sold through ebay with all the accessories I have). So, it's really a matter of perspective. Yes, it's not necessarily "cost effective" to purchase these types of phones every year or 2, but one can always offset the total cost when selling their device (assuming in good condition), prior to switching.

Part of this is why I have an older smartphone to use as my "backup" phone.
Love the G-Note series!
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