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Originally Posted by 9to5cynic View Post
Just from the settings you've listed, I'd bet it's either Kerberos or Radius...

It almost sounds like the tech didn't understand what you wanted (or doesn't understand PKI). You may be able to get the cert from the win8 box though? I'm not really sure - it isn't something I've tried.
I went into the Tech Support center and told them, "I have a Linux laptop and it can't connect to the campus wifi."

The girl told me that the network was up, and the other woman told her it might because I was using Linux (duh). So the girl went into the back and started asking around.

After about five minutes, she returned, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, nobody here seems to be familiar with Linux."

I did a lot of research into the .desktop files to customize the Unity bar. I created a half-dozen different files for Unity, so that I could have several Firefox instances open at the same time (each with a different profile) and each instance would be associated with its custom icon on the Unity bar.. Luckily, some of that work is also usable in Cinnamon, which is cool.
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