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Originally Posted by palmtree5 View Post
So, out of curiosity, what is everyone's favorite distro?
I'm pretty sure it's no secret around here what MY favorite is: Kubuntu. But I want to touch on why.

For one thing, it's rock solid, reliable, secure, never crashes, etc.--what you'd expect from any *nix.

But it's also beautiful and infinitely customizable. When I read things about other DEs, like 'the dock is locked on the left side taking up screen space when i'd want it on the bottom like a taskbar,' I just shake my head and think, nope, that would not work for me. I want my computers to be EXACTLY the way I want them. Being forced to accept something that someone else has decided I should like is way too much like window$, and the micro$oft philosophy.

Finally, for those who think you cannot be a *nix purist if you use--and LIKE!!--a modern, beautiful, GUI, I say phooey! I earned my stripes in the days of command line only UNIX. I know how to deal with the innards of my OS from a command line--and still do, whenever necessary or when I simply feel like it. Contrary to popular opinion, not ALL *buntu users are window$ converts and/or computer dummies who need easy point and click computing. Some of us just like having a modern, beautiful, graphical environment--with a terminal always open for REAL work, of course.

I also give thumbs up to Bodhi, which I've mentioned a number of times. It's a great option for older and/or less powerful hardware. It's lightweight yet feature rich.
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