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Originally Posted by itsallgood View Post
I use a 3rd party app called "Executive Assistant" which has a lock screen option to include quick preview to emails for multiple acct., social media apps, next alarm, text messages, missed calls and calender events. You can have short cuts to favorite apps and add widgets to it as well. I've been using it for over 3 yrs now and haven't found anything like it. Even though it updates in real time, its not a battery hog. You can still use the stock security lock and have this as your lock screen. (You will still need to input your security code, etc. to unlock the phone to open anything.)
This is interesting. On the S4, Samsung prevents addition of any lockscreen widgets (when pin/pattern lock is enabled). How does this app get around that?
On your phone, does the lock screen widget show up if you have a pin lock on your lockscreen?

(on google play, I didn't see any reviews by a S4 user, so unsure whether this would do what op is asking for - I Emailed the dev with this question now)
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