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I've now had my One for about a month. Loving it so far. The battery life is so far superior to any Android phone I've had that it's not even a contest.

For those of you that might know me from my Incredible/Rezound days, you know that I'm not a heavy user. I disable or at least lengthen the time between updates for most apps that auto-update, since I really don't need my phone to beep at me every time I get an email or someone gets a new high score on Candy Crush or whatever. I just let it update when I actually turn the phone on and check my mail (I do have 4 IMAP accounts being checked once an hour). A typical day for me is spending maybe a couple of hours of screen on time reading/replying to email, browsing, checking Facebook, etc. and maybe 60 minutes or so of phone calls. So I'm probably not the typical user.

This is a stock, non rooted phone (for now anyway). Additionally, I am on Verizon and their network is phenomenal pretty much everywhere I use my One, so weak 4G isn't a problem.

Having said all of that, my goal with any smartphone I've had is to make it from the time I wake up in the morning till the time I go to bed without charging. I haven't even come close to needing a charge during the day with my One. Typically, when it goes on the charger before bed, it's still well over 50% remaining, sometimes over 60%. I don't ever remember not being worried about having to charge during the day, previous to this phone.

So, for those worried about not having a removable battery (I had two apiece for my Rezound and Incredible), unless you are a really heavy user, or are on a weak network (and there's not a smartphone in the world that can deal with that), it's not really an issue. The battery life is outstanding.
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