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My wife has a Note 2 and I have an S4. I have gotten the NFC to work several times trying to send pictures. I have even sent an entire album over the service. One issue that I see whenever I want to use it is that the phones have to be in exactly the right position in relation to each other to establish the connection. It is very difficult to get the two phones to talk, but they will if I am persistent. It certainly doesn't connect like the commercial would indicate. I have to take both phones and hold them back to back and slowly move them around until they connect. I have a Ballistic Maxx case on my phone and the wife has a generic aftermarket case. I believe the cases cause a bit of the problem, but haven't bothered to test that concept yet. Try placing the phones back to back and slowly moving one of them around until you get a beep. The best I can tell, the hotspot on the back of both phones is only about the size of a pencil eraser. Now that I have done it a few times, I can get them to connect pretty quickly.


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