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Originally Posted by jboku View Post
I am looking to upgrade my Galaxy Nexus finally... It's been good to me but it's speed and especially battery life are just too be poor to keep going on form much longer.

As far as specs, the G2 and Note 3 are very similar and I think both will last 2 years with the note being a little more future proof due to 1GB extra ram compared to the G2....

That said here is what I think about the G2 Vs Note 3 (I wanted to get your opinions as well)

The big cons for the G2 that sway me are:
-No removable battery
-Smaller screen compared to Note3 (though still looks great)
-button orientation

The biggest Note 3 cons / worries for me are:
- Too big? I hear you get used to it. I am a bigger person though (6'6")
- No digital camera stabilizer like in the G2
- Root / Rom friendly (I see the S-Pen not working with many roms)
- Very "gimmicky"
- Samsungs UI is outdated and cluttered (my opinion -- I prefer vanilla).

I think my biggest concern with the Note 3 is the lack of community support with the S-Pen functionality which is really can set apart the Note 3 from the G2. I also don't really know if I will use the Note 3s pen much anyways though... I guess I just have a lot of concerns I won't be able to answer until I actually try out a Note 3.

Then there's the biggest con for both devices... The loom of the Nexus 5.... While I have enjoyed my current nexus, i don't rom much because I don't have the time...

What do you think? What would you learn towards? Do you think there's any chance to get a Note 3 running a "vanilla" version of of 4.4 and beyond or will I be stuck with this UI for 2 years if I get the note 3?

Thanks for all your input!
G2 is actually more "future proof", for sprint, because of the tri-band lte radios built in.

Now, as far as lack of s-pen support in the community, that's all subjective depending on what ur trying to do beyond stock software Samsung integrated.

If you're referring to 3rd party app developers making air view functions possible, that might be a proprietary function that Samsung owns the rights to.
Love the G-Note series!
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