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Originally Posted by Dngrsone View Post
I didn't like the interface, not back in the '00s nor today. Konquerer felt too retro back then
But why use Konqueror if you didn't like it? I don't. *shrug*

the desktop was awkward for me
But it's 100% customizable. You can make it look/act/function however YOU want it to.

and if anything, there are too many options now.
No argument there! You're right, there are zillions of options. However, you're not obligated to use all of them. I don't! I pick and choose.

Maybe the learning curve is too high for this old dog, but I just couldn't get things working the way I wanted in a timely manner.
Yeah, I can understand that. It's frustrating when you're trying to just get to work but get caught up in figuring everything out. However, like anything else, once you're familiar with its interface and options, you can set up a new installation very quickly. It's just a matter of knowing what you want and like, and then adjusting things to make them that way.

The last time I tried (what, six months, a year ago?), I was rockin' the Unity bar hard and had everything working smoothly with my separate Firefox profiles and stuff, rotating desktops and everything, and so trying to get sorted out between the four desktops in Plasma and the programmable Workspaces was beyond me. Pick one or the other, KDE!
Again, though, you're not obligated to USE any/all of those choices. Look at a couple of my desktops:

and a shot of my desktop cube; I always set my number of desktops at nine because that's how I like it:

Can you say minimalist? I have *NOTHING* on any of my desktops--no icons, no widgets, no activities, no plasma anything...just nothing. That's how I like it. The apps I use all the time are in my taskbar--which is the size, shape, and location I want.

I don't know, maybe I will take another stab at it with Plasma 2, but I have a lot of Not Like for K-stuff right now.
As I often say, the beauty of Linux is its infinite possibilities, so if/when you're ready, give KDE another whirl. In the meantime, stick with whatever you're happy with. Choice. I love it!
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