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Originally Posted by iowabowtech View Post
Anyway, just curious if you ever missed Android or if not that, maybe larger screens, etc. If the iphone would ever make a 5+ inch screen (viewable area), it seems to me they might pick up a lot more fans...not that it doesn't have a great following already.
Of course I miss Android at times. It did take a while to get used to the smaller screen but i'm fine with it now. The Iphone still fits my current lifestyle better than an Android. I just don't have time anymore to really be tinkering with my phone every night in order to get it to work to my standard.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
I could only add so many apps into a folder then i needed folders with the same name (Games then turned into Games 2, Games 3, and so on). eventually i got to my usual 100 or so apps, and i was out of home screens, couldn't add more, couldn't even see my wallpaper anymore. Fixed in IOS7

But i don't like Apple's planned obsolescence. non-removable batteries Lots of Android phones are now going that way are a thorn in my side. there is also a cut-off date when your iPhone is too old to get OS updates, and shortly after that, the app store no longer works on your phone. with Android, be it Eclair, Gingerbread or Jelly Bean, even if Google suddenly says 'hey Android is dead and Play Store will shut down in 2020' there will always be third party dev support, a myriad of other app stores, and so on. Android is more future proof. This only applies if you have a device that Devs support and if it's open. Example if you have A Verizon phone you're not going to have much luck with that. IOS usually goes back 2 or 3 generation phones that will get the newest version. Most Iphone users by then will be upgrading anyways.

Apple supports all the Gapps, including Google Now and Chrome, alas, GNow is useless as it needs to be launched as an app like everything else thus defeating the purpose of cards. Chrome worked well enough, And Google Maps was excellent. but in the end, my iPhone was more Android than iPhone as Google's services remain superior to Apple's offerings. it felt like using Windows but running OpenOffice, KDE, and SeaMonkey on it. I definitely love how Google Maps works on the Iphone
Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
To the OP, i beg you, NEVER update to iOS 7 unless you like Fisher-Price. everything is twice their size and the colors are puke!
I updated to IOS7 a week before it was officially released. I updated using the Gold Master (GM) I like IOS7 more than IOS6. It was a much needed change.
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