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Originally Posted by NpgGirl View Post
So, for those of you that get great results from your N2 in regards to battery life, what do you consider heavy usage?
I am switching from the iPhone 5 to the N3 when it comes out here in the US with Verizon and my past experience with droids (last was the Samsung G S III) was that the battery life was awful.
Also, what is the deal with killing apps so they are not running in the background and using battery life? I have heard App killers are bad, then I have also heard they are good. Are they needed anymore?
Heavy usage, for me, is having work emails with constant push (meaning, instant receive and send), Gmail emails with instant push, Other email addresses syncing every 4 hours, consistent text messages throughout the day, constantly taking on and off standby to check on things, browsing whenever time permits, a few phone calls, checking/reading android news, sports news, news feeds every 1.5 hours.

I'm sure there are other things I'm leaving out, but I use my Note 2 way more than any other smartphone I've ever used in my life.

Just say no to app killers. You shouldn't need them, but I would recommend a good cache cleaner to use once a month. For me personally, I use DS Battery saver at night, so that the phone goes into deep sleep. I also enable Blocking Mode, prior to going to sleep.

The hardest part to compare is the fact that the phone has to power up 5.55 inches of screen (and 5.69 on the Note 3). Since the iPhone has to power up a much smaller screen, it's hard to say how much "better" or "worse" the battery life will be for you. I'd recommend reading some of the threads that are in the Note 2 forums, for people who moved over from the iPhone to the Note 2. That would likely give you a better idea.
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