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Originally Posted by BRAINZ2013 View Post
Someone else told me that the 64GB and higher cards don't work. And the red and gray card don't work either . Is this true
Someone told you wrong. This is how fallacious rumors proliferate. The "red and grey" cards work fine.

64GB cards work fine in recent smartphones. The Note 3 will support UHS I Cards (no guarantee on if it will take advantage of the extra speed optimization, however the card will function and at an extremely high level)
As Drex was saying in the other very similar Note 3 thread, 64GB and UHS I cards work fine in phones up to 2 years old and older (I can echo these thoughts in my case Evo 3D, Evo 4G LTE). I have had both the High Speed and Ultra High Speed [UHS] classification versions, as well as HC and XC cards.

128GB cards will work fine too, as they are built on the same specification standards of SDXC that the 64GB cards are designed and engineered on. They also have the same exFAT filesystem. The Android environment is produced to handle the filesystem and subsequently the capacity there-in.

Browse this site, and bookmark it, there is alot of good info to take in: | The SDCard Association

No need to worry about 128GB compatibility. It will work. NZTechFreak (yeah, the same guy that was able to test the Note 3 early and posted about it here on AF) will no doubt have one once they are released, and before many of us will be able get one to or be willing to pay to get one. He lives closer to the source and will see them on the market before we will. (32GB -> 64GB was a greater change as it was the big move from HC -> XC and a filesystem FAT32 -> exFAT change but that was quickly shown to be a non-factor)
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