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Originally Posted by palmtree5 View Post
So, out of curiosity, what is everyone's favorite distro?
OpenSuse. I like the Yast configuration tools and find their integration with KDE excellent (a contrast to me would be earlier versions of kubuntu where KDE felt to me more like a bolt on after thought). I'm not sure where I'd go if OpenSuse disappeared but I suspect Fedora an Debain would be candidates.

As for KDE, as well as preferring the desktop, I generally prefer the KDE apps (eg. digikam, k3b, kwrite, etc.) to the Gnome equivalents (eg. f-spot, brasero, gedit, etc.).

As for user type, I'd not describe myself for example as "Linux purist" (although I really do appreciate Linux and FOSS). I just want a system that I can set up relatively easily and does what I want. Linux is more something that provides me with a solid base to achieve that.

Just to drift a little into our home setup. The sort of hub of the system is the PC attached to the living room TV for playing CD/video/tv recordings. It is the mythtv master backend (the other 2 PCs have tv cards in them and can be brought in as mythtv slaves to handle extra tv recordings if needed), DNS, DHCP, IMAP (I retrieve email from our various POP3 accounts via fetchmail), CUPS and NFS server. It also runs the Java side of my experiments with home automation (the Raspberry PI runs my python bits which handle xpl to/from W800RF32AE, rfxtrx433 USB and handle emails from a cheap IPCam (enabling me to use it as a motion sensor) - should be running atm if anyone with a web socket enabled browser is interested).

I suppose where I'm trying to go with that is that I'll do what I feel I need to to get where I think I want to be but that's about as far as it goes.
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