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Originally Posted by xaelith View Post
I imagine myself switching from using it almost exclusively to almost not at all (sometimes even within a matter of minutes) until I find a happy medium that works best for me. Every time I go to a store and play with the display model of the Note 2, I find myself picking up the S pen first; whether I use it or not is a different story.

As a side note, specifically to those who already own a Note series phone: how easy or difficult is the S pen to hold on to and keep in place? When I use the display model, I find the pen has a habit of wanting to roll one direction or the other, causing the button to move out of place. If this is a common occurrence even with a "wild" stylus, it will become a pet peeve very quickly. However, every S pen I've touched has had an anti-theft cable attached, so I'm hoping it's to blame for the rolling.

My only gripe with the s pen, and I use it often, is that I'm a person who writes where the meat of the base of my thumb (very close to the palm) rests on the paper/screen. Now, the s notes addressed this by making so that only the pen can mark up the page and not my hand, BUT...That doesn't stop me from accidentally hitting the back button with that same body part.

I hope this makes sense, I've never had to describe that part of my hand before.
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