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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
my issue is never liking the default setup.

then finding the solution hard
Not ditto. I really just don't run into the types of problems you seem to. The last 'hard' thing I can recall having to figure out was when I got my HP dv6000 laptop, and found out about the infamous Broadcom 43xx wireless issue. It took a bit of searching online, and then a bit of command line tweaking to get wireless working, but that was about it. I'm trying to recall which Kubuntu version that was...I'm thinking 6.06, because I bought the laptop at the beginning of 2007. But a later version completely eliminated the need to manually make wireless work.

as in many forums simply end with 'don't do that, it's for your own good!'.
Yeah, like I've said, places such as Ubuntu Forums think they need to hold hands--they're assuming you're not only a window$ convert, but a hapless dummy, too. It's been decades since I was in Kindergarten, and I really don't appreciate being censored and filtered, and treated like a child. I stopped going there because I got tired of the restrictions on what was 'okay' to post. They're totally into the "it's for your own good!" philosophy, while I'm into assuming people are intelligent adults who just need some guidance to accomplish what they're trying to do.

the rest often involve trying to make one of my programs (games mainly) run in Linux and then having the awful performance. i hope Wine gets acceleration and anti-aliasing down soon. i hate gaming on what feels like an i486
As I've said before, the only game I play via wine is Roller Coaster Tycoon--and it actually performs BETTER than it did the last time I ran it on a [then brand new] window$ machine. I don't know if wine will ever do what you're after, or if game manufacturers will start making native Linux versions of their software, or what. But I understand that it sucks if you're unable to play, properly, games you really like.
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