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Originally Posted by Bratone View Post
Sorry again if this has been already asked but I think I have a problem with the running apps.I've been told that to close the running apps you press twice the home button and then remove all the apps that appear there, but If i go to Settings -> Power -> Usage the apps that I closed appear to be running, like Google Play, Facebook, Twitter etc, and they consume the battery pretty fast.Any suggestions on that ?

And please, if you have any other tips to make the battery last longer feel free to post here, thanks.
Swiping the apps off that list just ends those particular tasks at that moment. You need to go in to the various apps, or in the Sync option in Settings, to tell them to stop synching unless you tell them to, or otherwise change the schedule. I wouldn't think they would consume a TON of power, unless they are checking every couple of minutes, which is possible.

If you have the Snapdragon BatteryGuru app installed, it has a pretty nice interface to tell apps to only update themselves if you launch the app.

As far as battery saving tips in general, you'd really need to read through this whole thread. There are way too many variables, and most of it has been covered. Make sure you have the Power Saver option turned on (swipe down on the notification bar and put a checkmark in it). If you have low signal, you wil go through the battery faster. Use WiFi whenever possible, rather than Mobile Data (3G or 4G). Make sure your apps aren't polling all the time. Those are the quick and dirty recommendations.

Like I said though, take some time, and sit and read through this whole thread. I know it looks daunting because of how much is there, but even if you don't understand half of the things being discussed, you will still learn an awful lot about how to get the most out of the battery. And the more you know, the more you will be ABLE to understand as you go along.
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