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Just came across this - serious shooting in their own foot IMO!

But if it because they've done a deal with the carriers, how would that work? They take money from an individual carrier to cripple the handsets which are not sold through the carrier? But if so all carriers get the "benefit" of one carrier's actions. On the other hand, if a group of carriers acted together on this that might be viewed as a "cartel".

But if they are not being paid to do this, what the hell is the motivation? I do not see the benefit to Samsung that would outweigh the possible downside (surely grey imports aren't that big an issue?). But I'm sure it isn't a regulatory thing here (never heard of anything like that), so it's either Sammy think they benefit from it or somebody has paid them to do it (or made promises which add up to the same).

Whatever the cause, very disappointing. The best we can hope is that there is enough adverse reaction that they don't repeat it.
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