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Originally Posted by Omar Days View Post
I don't keep all of my music library on my phone (galaxy note), but i'm about 2gb away of filling up my 16gb sd card. I know I could use dropbox and all the other cloud services and i do use them, but for things like music and photos i like to have the files on the phone. There's been plenty of times where I'm not in coverage to receive data connection or access to wifi.

I think 32gb is the sweet spot if there's no sd card slot on the phone. But that's just my imo. I know some people who get on fine with their 8gb Nexus 4's :-O
You are like me, I also like to keep stuff on my phone. I think for me that 16gb will be enough since I will use the phone storage pretty much only phone stuff. Even if I have lost of data I don't always like using the could and I have over 60gb of music I want to keep.
You should get a OTG cable so you can use a usb stick and store all your music and more. I only hope that the N5 will not have the same "problem as the N4 (I think) where you need to have it plugged in to a power source. In that case get a Y OTG cable. Connect to you phone, connect the usb stick and a small portable usb power will do the trick.
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