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Just confirmed, KDE DOES work on the Chromebook via ChrUbuntu.

No, this is not a Mac, i just like the theme.

So far the only OS other than ChromeOS and which can take advantage of dev mode scripts is ChrUbuntu for max compatibility. so far all the how-tos are for Ubuntu itself. although Unity is a bit large for a CB.

Seems to be something to do with Google's 'protected' BIOS. a form of UEFI booting. you have to disable that to get into Dev mode (and it gives you a warning screen on every boot too that you cannot disable) and then you enter in some console stuff while still in ChromeOS, which script-based installs an unattended install of ChrUbuntu, a variant of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. then when you reboot it defaults first to the Ubuntu variant, but if you reboot without first issuing a few commands to make it the default, you'll go back to ChromeOS, and have to start over again. someone else, of course, after i got mine all set up, has made a better how-to involving Crouton which is a better dual-boot if you want both OSs in there.

As for the no swap space, with computers today having tons of RAM (upwards of a few gigs to a few dozen gigs) Swap seems redundant. it might have made sense when computers still had 8MB of RAM but today it is a waste of time and hard drive space, especially on a limited SSD. everytime it hit the swap space, it just slowed the machine down to an unusable state. without swap, the kernel kills tasks similary to Android in a low-memory situation. however, i've never gone over 25% of my Chromebook's RAM so far. and that is with tons of tabs open and Google Chrome running 24/7 with tons to spare.
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