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Originally Posted by nitramus View Post
You are like me, I also like to keep stuff on my phone. I think for me that 16gb will be enough since I will use the phone storage pretty much only phone stuff. Even if I have lost of data I don't always like using the could and I have over 60gb of music I want to keep.
You should get a OTG cable so you can use a usb stick and store all your music and more. I only hope that the N5 will not have the same "problem as the N4 (I think) where you need to have it plugged in to a power source. In that case get a Y OTG cable. Connect to you phone, connect the usb stick and a small portable usb power will do the trick.
Yeah, I have an otg cable. They're good for what they are, but not really practical in most cases. Not great to have one connected in your pocket listening to music, but on a plane or something i can see why they'd be good.

Just remember, you don't get the full 16gb. After the OS has taken what it needs, you have about 13gb. That was on the nexus 4. Might be more, might be less on the nexus 5 though. So bare that in mind, if you didn't already know!
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