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Originally Posted by DaveSyd View Post
This is not a setup - it's an app. Search for Delayed Lock in Play and you'll see what it does.
I understood that and had already downloaded the app. What I was asking was how you have it setup. How many minutes of delay in the app and how many in the normal settings of the phone.

I don't think it matters now though, because I've downloaded the location plugin and just have it setup to swipe while at my house. I had tried the network plugin, but it didn't seem to work, possibly because Android phones don't stay connected 100% of the time??? Anyway, I'm more comfortable with using location or network connection rather than just a delay, because when responding to your post I didn't realize the swipe wasn't a pattern lock.

I'm looking forward though to trying the Bluetooth plugin, because this might be exactly what I'm looking for. With my old Droid I had the car dock and could easily keep the phone from locking while driving. I've tried NFC for that, but it's somewhat of a PITA, and also a security risk if I don't undo it on the way out of the car. But if this just recognizes the BT connection, that will be perfect--automatically unlocking and then locking again as the car is turned on and off. That seems pretty secure if it works, and will eliminate having to use a pin while driving.
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