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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
The law was passed many years ago and we had an exemption that expired earlier this year.

The Library of Congress ruled that carrier locking was a copyright issue and the Librarian - the one in charge - ruled to not extend the exemption.

People petitioned the White House because the game has been going on for a decade and the White House petitioned the FCC recently -

White House petitions FCC to make cell phone unlocking legal | Mobile - CNET News
Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
So far as I know, sim locks are always firmware/software. So far as I know lol.
Sammobile explained the regional lock situation a little more, today:

[UPDATE] Here’s Samsung’s vague official statement regarding Galaxy Note 3′s regional SIM lock | SamMobile

So, basically (from how I understand it), once a person activates the phone wherever they bought it, one could bring the phone to another country and use a different SIM card.

Now, my follow-up question to that is, I wonder how many of the US providers actually allow for the same thing and more specifically, will Sprint physically block off the SIM card like they did with the Motorola Photon Q.

And what happens after a phone is de-activated in the current country, but then re-activated in another. Is it a rinse/repeat cycle every time.

For example, assuming Sprint leaves the SIM card accessible and I had already unlocked it (while it was activated), does that mean that if I upgrade again next year and travel to another country with the Note 3 (no longer activated on Sprint), that it would lock me out of using the Note 3 (since it's no longer activated on my US provider)?
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