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Originally Posted by drbugsmn View Post
A new set of rumors, speculating on features. One item of interest is the corning gorilla glass 3, and a 2700mah battery

Nexus 5 release date 2013: 8 specs, features, price rumors -iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 killer? | Christian News on Christian Today

Here is a bit of info on GG3

lol they called the nexus 4 a mid range device

but yea highly suspect article. just the way they put info down. From the research I did so far:

these observations are based on FCC or video/photo leaks so they could still change but semi confirmed specs are:

  • Case thats slightly smaller then the N4 with no SD card slot or removable battery.
  • The pre-release case (read could easily change) seems to have a horizontal nexus logo and is made from some matte black plastic not glass.
  • radio bands covering AT&T, TMo and Sprint.
  • 1080p 4.95" screen
  • Qualcom 800 CPU
  • Adreno 330
  • 2300 mAH battery
  • Android 4.4

Non leaked/Speculation specs

  • just a personal observation on the CPU: I would not be surprised if they used a lower binned 800 as opposed to the higher quality one used in the G2. There are 2 grades/Clock speeds of this CPU as far as iv read on qualcoms site.
  • Ram: heard everything from 2-3GB... my guess is 2GB based on what the LG G2 has.
  • Memory: yea no clue here, people are all over the place from 8GB-64GB. My guess is a 16GB and 32 GB version like the Moto X, although I have this sneaky suspicion in the back of my head they could do the 8GB and 16 GB version again.
  • Camera: while pics of the cam were leaked in the FCC pics and they LOOK like the G2 13MP OIS cam, its just speculation as to what its real specs are.
  • Price: nobody has a clue, people hope for the $300-$350 but its pretty likely that we could get a price increase seeing how they did that with the new N7.
  • Announced/Released: based on past Nexus phone releases the N5 will probably be announced sometime in October and released in November.

If I see a site deviate from those specs they lose a little credibility in my eyes unless they can back up their info with a decent source.
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