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Just called AT&T as I've been leaving them alone and simply waiting, albeit not the easiest thing to do. Here in the USA the pre-order page says shipping Oct 1st, if you've done business with any of these carriers you know they must rely on the manufacturer to get the phones out to them before they can ship to us.

My past experience has revealed that some manufacturers are rather accurate and some are not. Demand also plays a part as they do indeed have only so much capability to ship X number of units within a 24 hour period.

I'm not advocating or covering for any brand or carrier, just sharing my experience as someone who orders a bare minimum of two or three new phones per year, year after year.

Bottom line? I'm getting a date from AT&T USA of Oct 4th at this juncture. And as always subject to change.

Finally before you bash any carrier be mindful of the stone cold fact they want your money! Thus they have zero reason to delay. An often overlooked fact... that too many people on forums don't take into consideration, instead they'd rather unleash their anger with no thoughts about reality.
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