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Well, I called Verizon CSR and talked with LouAnn in Albuquerque. I inquired about 3 things:

1. The VERIZON30 promo code... can it be retroactively applied to a preorder?
2. Free activation this weekend only... can I get a raincheck?
3. The Note 3 wireless charging S-View cover... will it be available?

Here's what I got from LouAnn:

1. Nope. I'd have to cancel my preorder and redo it to get the 30% discount. No way.
2. Nope. The free activation this weekend is only for NEW lines. Not existing ones.
3. Unsure. The one in the system appears to be the regular one, at $59!

She was also kind enough to check the status of the pre-order, and my estimated shipping date. As expected (but not desired), my Note 3 is scheduled to ARRIVE in my hands on exactly the 10th. Which means I cannot possibly expect it to ship any earlier than the 8th.

The only shiny lining in this cloud is that I'm only a day's shipping time from the Memphis distribution center: which means that with any luck, little traffic congestion, and an easterly wind to push the truck faster, I might get my Note 3 on the 9th. No sooner.

But that's still 10 days away. So I'm not going to stress anymore until October 8th

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