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Originally Posted by mrex View Post
Specs of Omate sounds cool, but the watch itself... Oh boy... They were talking about a designing on the vid, but the watch looks exactly the same as I used to have when I was a kid. A 10 dollars rubber watch around my wrist - only the mickey mouse is missing. Omate doesn't look cool, it looks like having an army kind "everybody sync your time now!" watch They should design it again and look around to see what kind of watches everybody wears. But the best part is that there will be a competition between manufacturers and smart watches will be as good as we are expecting them to be for less money. I bet Samsung will give us better specs soon and Apple is busy copying... ehm.. sorry... designing iAmazing watch, so it will be a win scenario soon for customers =p I cant wait to see premium watches from Samsung and Sony, Gear was just an opening and Sony is already offering second round...
Just think about basic concept of any watch. What makes it stand out is a watch face and a wristband. Having all those non-replaceable wristband with built in functionality is kind of asking for trouble, especially if you want your watch to be waterproof. Having an option to be replaceable - opens up an opportunity to spice it up later. So the biggy is watch face. Have you seen selection of watch faces offered with Omate? Take a look HERE. Watch closely, they all animated to show you dynamic notifications and time change. I believe the watch face will be off by default to preserve battery life (similar to what Sony is doing), but there might be a power safe mode or something like that for constant glanceable option, sometime in a future. A few of XDA developers already looking into this.

What I would like to see is for Omate to use Mirasol display technology (similar to Qualcomm TOQ announcement) with a color display that can stay on constantly for days on a single battery charge. Other then that, the design and the spec is very serious! Oh, and btw it was confirmed that Samsung themselves ordered 3 pairs of Omate TrueSmart watch developers edition just to get their hands on it next month. Surprised?
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