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Originally Posted by mrex View Post
But it is not the faces, animations or even functionality. It is the design and are you able to wear it. Omate looks bulky, looks 80's, it's not attractive at all... I bet it might be the best watch for sport, running in the forrest and taking time on the pool but would you wear it at a work, restaurant...? Would it be comfortable with long sleeves or do you need to let buttons open to get the sleeve over the watch? If you cannot wear it IRL, it doesnt matter how many animated faces it has an how cool it is.

Samsung also made some bulky, abit over stuffed watch. The cam on the band is just a cool stuff to add, but it had to pay the prize over the design and usability.
Well, that was my original thinking as well, regarding bulk. Since I reviewed MetaWatch smartwatches, I originally had their STRATA model which is sportier and more rugged one. I do work in R&D of a large telecomm labs and have my share of lab and office work. I figured FRAME version of that watch (the same guts, different design) would be more appropriate; a detailed comparison is here: Review of MetaWatch smart watch with lots of pics!!!

Once I got it, I started to realize how much more careful I'm with my watch because FRAME is not as rugged. Furthermore, I started to notice how many Casio G-Shock watches are people wearing. The more people I talked to, the more I realized that guys at my work either don't wear a watch (using phone instead) or they wear G-Shock instead. And G-Shock is bigger then Omate. As a matter of fact, G-Shock now has Bluetooth version so you can receive call, txt, emails, and calendar notifications.

Bottom line, I will be switching back to STRATA, especially closer to winter season when I spend more time playing with my kids in the snow Or perhaps, I will be wearing Omate at that time or maybe Sony SW2. Will see. My only concern with all these watches is that display stays off to preserve battery. I wish they would all use Mirasol display as demonstrated by Qualcomm TOQ. Coincidentally, Qualcomm just announced they will not sell TOQ

Originally Posted by mrex View Post
Sony is on the right way in smartwatch business. It look classy, simple and wearable. Samsung has nice, modern design, but it looks abit bulky. Omate, their part, are going to make a sport watch for guys who like to have some tech around their wrists.

But that was only my opinion. Im looking for a smartwatch that i can use 24/7. I was quite disappointed in Gear - maybe was hoping and expexting too much.
I agree Sony SW2 looks promising, especially since v2 is back with micro-usb port which is easy to use without removing watch from the bracelet and it's also splash proofed. Plus, a developer behind a popular app Augmented SmartWatch Pro joined their team on consulting basis to help them with notifications - a huge plus for SW2 usability.

Regarding Gear - I wish there would be more people on AF chiming in (probably from UK for now) with their comments and impressions. So far from everything I have read in other places, people are saying its a very cheaply made design and poor implementation where a lot of the software doesn't work well with N3. Battery life is 1-2 days with a light to medium use. IMHO, software will be updated and optimized, this is a new product and people getting it now are just beta testers. But hardware will stay the same until rev 2 is released

Would have been great to have a separate smartwatch section here on AF. I'm sure a lot of the people would be interested to chime in with their discussions and opinions
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