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Originally Posted by sethm1 View Post
Nice review. Will you have a Maxx v. Moto X comparison?

Also I have read the Droid Minis is not so great in the radio department. Signal strength a biggie for me. I am a Verizon customer- if that makes a difference.

I am definitely looking to compare all of Motorola's latest phones as soon as I can get the Mini. In that same breath, I do not yet have a Mini to test so I can't comment on that particular phone's radio performance. I can say that it's been just great in the MAXX and Ultra, though. Not sure why it would be any different for the Mini. Let's hope that was just a one-off thing.

Originally Posted by redddog View Post
I noticed you had the maxx getting the a/b/g/n/ac radio.

I had heard that the droids didn't get those ac radios. Was I mistaken?
My review reference stated it had WiFi AC. I can check with a Motorola technical rep to confirm.

Originally Posted by berniebbb View Post
I am new to droid maxx. Since there is no micro sd card, how do I transfer my songs to droid maxx for ringtones. Do I need to send it by text for each song.
How do I do that & save it to my droid maxx.
Thnak sooo much for your help
You will need to transfer your songs using a microUSB cable or via WiFi/Bluetooth transfers. As for ringtones, you can use any song as a ringtone in Android. Use something like RingDroid to customize your MP3s.

Originally Posted by Thom View Post
Welcome to Android Forums.

I do it with a USB cable connecting my Droid Maxx to my Windows 7 Professional Workstation. It is simple file transfers under control of the Workstation.

... Thom
Originally Posted by tweak4 View Post
There are also app options like AirDroid or cloud options like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Just try to use them while you're on wifi or you can eat up your data allotment in a hurry.
Dropbox is my usual go to for smaller files. For anything over a few hundred meg, I usually use AirDroid instead.
Thanks for the assist!

Originally Posted by redddog View Post

I guess he re-thought the "ask me anything" offer.
Unfortunately I was busy the entire weekend. I definitely didn't forget

Originally Posted by Predict99 View Post
I remember reading somewhere that the droid max is water proof. Is this true?
No, this is not something Motorola or Verizon advertises. I would not trust that information. Avoid getting your phone wet whenever you can, even if it is waterproof.
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