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Originally Posted by dcm1602 View Post
Not at all

All he said was that unlimited plans arent sustainable because they hog too much bandwith

It wasnt like he came out and said something like people on unlimited plans ruin the experience for everyone and hurt the whole network or something
I understand what he said, DCM, but please understand that his VPs and executives also heard what he was IMPLYING. Anyone left with unlimited data is a $$$ burden on the corporation, and basically taking money out of the pockets of his stockholders. We need to all be on a tiered data plan just a fast as legally possible. That's what "unsustainable" implies to them.

And that's why I suggested that the company will dangle carrots at us to get off unlimited. EDGE is the first carrot. They may get sweeter and sweeter, or the corporation may just skip the sweet stuff and go straight to "your plan ENDS this date".

They'll absorb the ETFs and cancellations at once and then CEO is happy because everyone left is on tiered. And they'll make all that money back several times over in data charges.

My 0.02

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