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Originally Posted by doogald View Post
It makes sense that it thought she was driving, as she was moving at the speed a car usually does.

Driving mode of the assist app is one of the fixes named in the Moto X update that was sent by OTA to T-Mobile and Sprint Moto X phones. That fix is coming. I'm willing to bet that SmartActions is not.
I certainly understand why it is happening. The trigger they decided on has obvious limitations. Perhaps there are more variables it looks at and may even get it right at some point. But these are growing pains I just don't have time for. I want a system that just works. Smart Actions just worked for me and my GF. She tried Llama and didn't care for it. I tried the Tasker free trial and found it didn't work. I'm sure there is a learning curve, but given its a paid app, I'll wait to see what happens.

While I appreciate the attempts to help, its not what I'm looking for actually. I'm just stating my gripes with Assist. Hopefully Google/Motorola listens.
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