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Well, Scotty, (and the rest of you guys) I think I'd like to try to get my Verizon HTC One rooted. Before I start the process, can you help me walk through some of the steps? I've been reading the "HTC One root thread" and I'm a little unsure of a few things:

My goal is to have Cyanogen Mod on the phone like I did with my d-inc.

1. To start, I assume I contact Verizon and have them reactivate my dinc (the dinc has no sim, 3G, so I guess that's my only choice). It's rooted and backed up with Titanium, so I'll restore the One from that.

2. Should I reset the phone to wipe it and remove the sim card before mailing?

3. I mail it, it comes back, do I reactivate it or wait until I've successfully flashed a rom?

4. "once youve gotten s-off,you can use this guide,you just need to use a vzw compatible recovery."

How do I know what's vzw compatible? How do I get it on my phone?

5."-put the superuser zip file onto your phones sd card"-- my phone doesn't have removable storage. Where do I put the zip file?

6. Looking ahead, there is a link now for the vzw One on Cyanogen, but only a couple of nightlies. Maybe I should wait until there's a stable build?

Thanks again for any help.

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