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Originally Posted by Methos1979 View Post
This is a question for all the Note 2 users. I'm looking at possibly going to the Note 3 when it comes out, unless it's a dud, then I might scoop up a Note 2 for the small change it will surely drop in price to.

The S Pen has always seemed kind of... gimicky to me. To have to take the time to remove the pen and use it seems counter-intuitive to a touch screen phone where I can do most everything with my fingers without fumbling for a little pen.

Most of the people I know with Note 2's (only a few) seem to rarely if ever even use the S Pen. They'll pull it out to show it off but when in actual use, I rarely see it come out.

How many people here that are current Note 2 users even use their S Pen that much? Also, it seems that a whole of the most popular promo video is spent using the S Pen and the limited and quite frankly ugly little pop-up launch menu. The seems even more lame and gimicky to me.

Thoughts? Like I said, I think I'm going to either the Note 3 or 2 anyway but that's more about the size and other features of this fine phone (hate the term phablet). I'm just wondering what the die-hard Note 2 users feel about this.
I use it all the time.
Love the G-Note series!
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