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does not matter what "type" of e-mail you have, it all behaves the same way in the native app.

with all respect, yes you are missing something--IF..IF I am picking up what you're layin' down..

if you see "inbox+sent" you can tap the three dots at the top right of the e-mail app screen, then tap "Folder", then you are presented with whatever folders you are syncing under that account.

example, under my corporate exchange account, i have "all messages" "inbox+sent" "inbox" "deleted" and a slew of other folders that I sync under exchange. other accounts will have more or less folders--again depending on how you have your account setup up at the server.

as for #2, do you have group messaging ticked or unticked? try either way and see if this helps.

in earlier sense versions, there was an option to go to the next message or go back to inbox, but i think the group messaging option has taken place of this.

with group messaging ticked, once you delete a message in that "group" you go to the next message in that "group". again playing with this option may work better one way or the other.

bear in mind this is the stock native e-mail app, so it will not be a magic bullet for all users, this is why 3rd party e-mail apps are available.

sending a request ticket to htc requesting this option to be re-added may not be a bad idea.

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